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@ReignOfComputer, over a year ago

Copyright © ReignOfComputer | Art © arcee, muzzafuzz


*insert OC name here*

Finally named by Zetsumei – His name is Flash Drive!

s1 s2 s9 s10

It’s my pony persona!

Drawn by the awesome muzzafuzz over at dA.

s5 s6 s8 s3



Copyright © ReignOfComputer | Art © arcee, muzzafuzz

About Me



Welcome to my lair! If you’re here you’re most likely looking for my blog. I do have some cool tidbits about myself too, though, if you’re willing to peruse my humble abode.

Quick introduction, I do mainly C# programming and constantly code apps for Windows platforms, including Windows Phone.

I’m also a fan of a few niche things, like Pokemon and My Little Pony, and you can probably find me as ‘ReignOfComputer’ on various communities surrounding the fandoms.

tl;dr: I’m ReignOfComputer. I like My Little Pony, I like Pokemon, I like Microsoft. I code, I design, I game.